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ALL.Star.Boys [STAR]
No Website
Rank: Unranked
Affiliation: Protectorate
Motto: ALL Star Boys

Guild Summary
If you are an ALL star, come ! If you are a NO star, leave !
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<^> All Star Boys <^>
Leader - SakisSpeed

Join us to for Glory
Apply or pm Sakisspeed

Drums of War
Savage Tundra
34671   35152   57519   43680
35806   38300   61434   48637

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Guild News

New Era 20/2/2016

Posted by SakisSpeed @ Apr 11, 2019 8:43:27 PM   (PUBLIC)

Leader Sakisspeed

We are making our Comeback. Apply if you want to join us.
<^> All Star Boys <^>

<^> We mean business <^>

Posted by SakisSpeed @ May 26, 2013 1:21:45 AM   (PUBLIC)

I (SakisSpeed) am back for action. We are renewed and we are recruting... our goals are high, our skill is higher and our companionship is the highest ever... we are one of the top gangs here so if you wanna join you must carry some heart and some abilities... p.m SakisSpeed, Mehezka, Moonbow1 or Badbraz if you wanna join...or just apply, you never know ^^

1st round begins

Posted by rickyjpen @ Jan 27, 2013 5:40:41 AM   (PUBLIC)

The first round of the All.Star.Boys First Tournament has begun. Good luck to all the participants :)


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