Avatar Profile: K'thir Forest

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K'thir Forest Avatar: Sapaleh the Ancient

Your Avatar can gain experience by participating in battles; if you win, your Avatar will gain an experience bonus. Once he gains enough experience, your Avatar will gain a level. With each increase in level, your Avatar's stats and abilities will increase in power!

Every 10 levels, your Avatar's appearance will change. The Avatar will get new weapons and armor at levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.


"As the Separation rent K`thir Forest, Sapaleh stood to protect the Gnarlwood and their kin. His heroism and wisdom were never forgotten. He became a spiritual being, as K`thir thrived." - Tome of the Ancients

Starting Abilities
This unit makes a Physical attack at its range. This is a basic attack.Attack: Physical
At the beginning of your turn, this unit is Cleansed.Purified
When this champion is deployed, it gains 5 AP.Fleet
Friendly champions within 2 spaces are healed for 3 HP at the beginning of your turns.Growth (3)
When this unit comes into play, enemy champions take 3 Physical damage and friendly champions are healed for 3 HP.Balance (3)
Target champion within 5 spaces is Cleansed and is healed for 11 HP and gains 2 DEF for 4 turns.Nature's Blessing (3)
This champion is immune to Stun, Slow, Ensnare, Root, Charm, Possesion, Fear, Blinding and Knockback. This champion can not be targeted by spells or abilities which are not basic attacks. It cannot be relocated by other runes and cannot be removed from play. This champion may not be equipped. This champion can only be healed through regeneration, and is immune to Loss of Life effects that would cause it to lose 30 or more HP (Loss of Life effects do not include damage). This unit does not receive a faction bonus.Avatar
When this unit comes into play, all friendly champions gain a rank of Resistance - Physical, Resistance - Magical, Resistance - Frost and Resistance - Fire for 4 turns.Harden (3)
Upgrade Abilities


No Yes