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Rank: Unranked
Affiliation: Wrath
Motto: Defeat is out of the question....

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For the Strong Where Friendship is Second to none and the Strongest make the rules... Blaze through the competition NAKAMA BLAZE.....
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Welcome to the world of NAKAMA BLAZE!

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1993   485   169   2034
170   2879   669   2725

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Back at It

Posted by blkmickyJ @ May 28, 2014 7:31:15 PM   (PUBLIC)

As of late the core group of members have been back on pox. Lets keep it up as we hone our skill to a pinnacle that surpasses that of our glory days. Let us blaze a trail of victory and terror. NAKAMA BLAZE!!!!

Guild Terminology

Posted by KnightOmen @ Jul 2, 2011 6:58:15 PM   (PUBLIC)

Slay: When you don't use your faction and still smack someone, you just slayed that player.

Blaze: When you annihilate someone with YOUR faction, you just blazed that bitch!

Destroyed: When the GOONS of Nakama Blaze descend upon a target bitch, and they SLAY AND BLAZE that bitch, they have been destroyed.

SMACKED!: When a Champ or a player Gets So utterly Eradicated without Hope, its Embarassing!

THE DECK: The 30 Runes U have devised that hold you utmost Trust and respect. This is a proud weapon of each Guild Member and in it is their True Power of BLAZE! Through much Training (these hoes) and Honing their Fine Skills, They have reached an artform that is a raw Concentrated Vessel of Pure SMACK!

Listed: When Ur Just Tryna Have Fun, Playin with a Kick around Deck and Sum1 is bein the GAYEST of FAGS and from now on a hunt will ensue and torture and blood is on the menu, and from now on that BITCH will only get.... THE DECK!!

THIS SHIT: When an Opponent's strategy is centered around doing something Gay and irritating. Making your life alot harder than what it has to be, and annoying you in his efforts of prolonging his SMACK! THIS SHIT is often followed by LISTED if the rare occassion of a loss is met when playing outside of THE DECK. It May Also Be Followed By, COME ON BRO, OH WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THAT GOOD SHIT, and NAHHHHH, DONT QUIT!

COME ON BRO, OH WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THAT GOOD SHIT, and NAHHHHH, DONT QUIT! : These are Words often Quoted during the Moments following THIS SHIT when THAT SHIT DONT WORK NIGGA!!!!

Ok Man, Who U Wanna Kill: Abyss2k6 in his ZEAL to SMACK!

THINK ABOUT IT! : Xendaro's Origination when Questioning and Forewarning an Adversary about their next step into Getting SMACKED. This could also be thought of as. Hey now...U sire u wanna get SMACKED!!??

SEEN BETTER DAYS: When a Champ Barely Escaped a SMACK and Now is out of the fight, and can only retreat like a bitch, licking its wounds, Thinking about what it did :/

Rev it up.....

Posted by blkmickyJ @ Feb 16, 2011 11:06:54 AM   (PUBLIC)

Let's take it to the next level... Let's get the guild name onto the rankings.. which.. means lets get into more ranked matches... Okay nakama, get your ranked decks together and BLAZE through the ranks


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