The Angels Descend

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The Tome of the Ancients contained an extensive historical record to the world before the Separation. This history is only one section of the tome; there is another, which can be divided again into two more sections. This second part is divided into Dalnis's predictions and his prophecies; the predictions are more descriptive and precise, while his prophecies are vague in their telling. As of now, all of Dalnis's predictions have come true: he clearly predicted the Separation, the Nora Surge, and even the Dawn of the Elements. With the recent arrival of the Ancients, it appears his prophecies carry truth as well. The warriors of stone awoke and offered their arms to their allies. Now, they fight beside the nations, in battles large in scale and immense in ferocity. However, this was not the end of the prophecy.

Since I had taken the Tome to Menalaus, no one had heard from him. He spent much time pouring over the tome, reading the prophecies again and again. He hoped to find something in the text, some sign of things to come. The world had to prepare itself for his ultimate prophecy, the Utterdark that threatened to swallow it. When he finally emerged from his intense study, he spoke of a specific passage. It was a sign, a moment, that would foretell the coming chaos.

This is the passage in question, exactly as it appeared.

    The Utterdark. A nemesis of life and all the things that thrive on it

    An endless expanse of suffering

    A place where no light, no warmth, dares to visit

    A mute and howling madness that shakes the very core of its captives

    It lives, in a way that only true unlife can

    An undead mass of darkness

    A hungered and endless world

    Warping and corrupting all that dare to face it

    Wrapping dark tendrils around the defiant, squeezing them, breaking bone and flesh and soul

    Feeding upon the Nora, the life of all things

    Only one could bring this catastrophe from its slumber

    A wretched man, a cursed man in life and in death

    A man that could revive a great nation, only to bring it sadness and despair

    A man, unnamed, but with a title so notorious, feared by the tongues that speak it

    A man, and yet, the antithesis of humanity

    I can stop this

    Dalnis, prophet, teacher, father

    But, not alone

    Two daughters, my children, must sacrifice their children

    Two daughters, of Order and of Chaos, must send their children to war

    They will aid you with their gifts

    From Al`Mara, daughter of Order, you will receive gifts of Nourishment, Restoration, Protection, and Perseverance

    From Il`Tara, daughter of Chaos, you will receive gifts of War, Chaos, Pain, and Death

    We must fight against the Utterdark

    The man that brings it

    Dark Bringer

    With these gifts

    Of chaos and of Order

    We can fight it

    My children are strong, and their children have strength strong

    You have strength

    Do not despair

    For if you do

    Then there is no hope

    For you or for anyone

    And the world will slip silently into darkness


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