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Small Balance Update
Posted by Cortic @ Aug 20, 2020 6:42:17 AM

Hello to all of the players still with us!

I know it's been a while but thanks to the members of our active Discord community (special thanks to Etharil for his help with coordination and testing), we have released a small balance update.

Here's a complete list of the changes:

• Flood Generator and Sludge Pool have been banned from ranked due to crashes they cause

• Broodlord has been added back to the ranked games and Trample replaced with Sandbreach

• Icefang exploit has been disabled: Has Unequippable now and +2 nora cost (75 total with ranged stance and zeal: speed)

• Call to Arms Exploit has been disabled

• Champions that had Call to Arms have been given a different ability

    • Aurora Inspector: Camaraderie

    • Baby Slag: Acid Aura 2

    • Barbarian Exemplar: Cull

    • Caustic Slag: Camaraderie

    • Centaur Bolter: Leap 2

    • Crystal Howler: Camaraderie

    • Deep Elf Fanatic: Bravery

    • Frost Wolf: Encouraged

    • Goblin Brute: Camaraderie

    • Jellebrium Lightbringer: Fellowship

    • Kanen Howler: Hunter: Brawler

    • Moga Recruiter: Bravery

    • Mounted Kinsman: Bravery

    • Myx Sandlion / Sandsnipe: Trail Sand

    • Salaman Picket: Initiative 1

    • Skywing Agitator: Burn 1

    • Tortun Hawker: Detection 2

    • Ward of Ailur: Bravery

• To accomodate for the bugged Nora Miner ranks, the following champions have been adjusted (nora costs unchanged)

    • Deep Miner: Nora Miner 2 upgrade replaced with Nora Miner 1, Nora Miner 3 upgrade replaced with Nora Miner 2

    • Elven Artisan: Nora Miner 2 replaced with Nora Miner 1

    • Scorched Dwarf: Nora Miner 3 replaced with Nora Miner 2

• Skeezik Trigger's Relic Overload has been replaced with Overload

If you're interested in joining the official Discord, please use this link.


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