Faction Profile: Forsaken Wastes

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Forsaken Wastes Overview

Diseased zombies, undying liches and risen corpses comprise the never-ending undead army of the Forsaken Wastes.

The Forsaken Wastes faction has the ability to overrun enemies due to its low-cost champions and its ability to quickly summon units back to the battlefield once destroyed. If you enjoy playing a slow developing but never-ending army of undead champions, The Forsaken Wastes may be the faction for you. Note: Forsaken Wastes tends to be best played by more advanced players.

15/15: Champion runes you own have their cooldowns reduced by 30%.
Full Faction: Champion runes you own have their cooldowns reduced by 60%.

Forsaken Wastes Story

The Forsaken Wastes originated within the ruins of the once great human nation of Elsarin and have come to occupy much of the southwestern region of the continent. The wastes were formed when Elsarin's rival, the nation of Valdec, developed a weapon that would trigger a violent chain reaction within the Elsarin Capital destroying the entirety of their Nora reserves, the city, and all around it. This event would come to be known as the Catastrophe and would change the very course of history. The destruction of the region came with many unintended consequences though, including the appearance of a massive army of the dead, led by the immensely powerful Lich King Serkan, who would begin launching an assault against all the living nations in the world.

Within Serkan's army there are many kinds of undead warriors; The "risen dead" consist of re-animated corpses of those who died in the Catastrophe or in the battles that have followed. They have little control over their actions, but serve as a great replenishable source of power under the direct control Serkan and his inner circle. The "willed dead" consist of creatures that have been brought into existence by the magic of Serkan. They are abnormally powerful and include Vampyres, Vengeful Spirits, Liches, and all manner of terrible creatures. Lastly, a significantly smaller sect of Serkan's army consists of creatures and people who are still very much alive, but have become corrupted with the power of Serkan. While the Lich King's vast army has so far focused its efforts on the nations of Ironfist and the Jakei, it seems that no living creature is safe so long as Serkan's army roams the land.


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