Faction Profile: Underdepths

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Underdepths Overview

The Underdepths are ruled by cruel demons, as well as a population of elf demon's that abandoned their forest homeland for the promise of ultimate power.

The Underdepths units do one thing and they do it very well: they deliver pain and punishment. Their key stat is damage, and are populated with some of the hardest hitting melee champions in the game. If you enjoy playing hard-hitting close-combat units, The Underdepths may be the faction for you.

15/15: Champions you control with a maximum range of 3 or less receive a +2 DMG buff. Champions you control with a maximum range above 3 receive a +1 DMG buff.
Full Faction: Champions you control with a maximum range of 3 or less receive a +4 DMG buff. Champions you control with a maximum range above 3 receive a +2 DMG buff.

Underdepths Story

Long ago, a group of demons deep from the underground land of Sheoul made its way to the surface of the Forest, seeking to gain an edge in a war that was happening deep beneath the world. Once above the surface, they harnessed the power of the sun causing a cataclysmic shift in the planet that would change the surface of the world forever. This event would be known as the "Separation". Afterwards, the demons dissapeared from the world for thousands of years.

Feeling the Seperation had been caused in punishment for their mis-use of the Nora, the elves formed a political body called "The Eternal Circle" to prevent such a situation from happening again. As time went on, it became clear that not all of the elves agreed with the heavy-handed approach of the Eternal Circle, and soon a splinter faction known as the Nefari came into existence. The Nefari advocated that the Nora of the region belonged to everyone, and that the Eternal Circle was placing unjust restrictions on its use. A non-violent struggle of ideals was waged for quite some time, leading the Nefari to take up home in a series of tunnels that had been discovered following the Seperation (unknowingly, these were the same that the Demons had used to gain access to the surface). Unfortunately, the Catastrophe would seal the entrance to these tunnels, trapping the Nefari in the tunnels. Over time, the surviving Nefari gave up on the idea of being rescued by the Eternal Circle, and began to explore deeper into the caves of the Underdepths hoping to find some means of escape. It would be over 50 years before they would emerge back on the surface with an army of demons to strike down the elves that had abandoned them for dead.

The creatures of the Underdepths are many, and unlike anything found on the surface. The most powerful inhabitants are the exiled demons from the land of Sheoul, who rule over their remaining minions through their powerful ability of mind control. The Bok are a vicious group of lesser demons that once were used to protect the deeper regions of the Underdepths from the surface world, but now have also come to be primary rulers of the Nefari. The Underdepths is additionally inhabited by a great variety of creatures that can only be described as terrible horrors and monsters. Lastly, the Nefari are the newest race to call the Underdepths home. Their years of being trapped in the caves, made the Nefari very susceptible to the Demon's influence, who were quite content with fanning the flames of their hatred for the surface elves. They are now corrupt versions of elves who have filled their heads with hatred and revenge. They wish to annihilate the Forest, and the Demons have been more than content to help.


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