Faction Profile: Shattered Peaks

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Shattered Peaks Overview

The Shattered Peaks are best known for the massive number of champions they can throw at an enemy. The tenacious Moga and their G'Hern overseers are the main force of the army, although they are supplemented by the enigmatic Voil and marauding Cyclops.

The Shattered Peaks win by the shear number of units available, as well as the symbiotic relationship of the main races. If you enjoy playing a fast developing, potentially overwhelming army of champions, The Shattered Peaks may be the faction for you.

15/15: Whenever you deploy a Champion, you gain 4% of its Nora cost. When that champion is destroyed, you gain 2% of its Nora cost.
Full Faction: Whenever you deploy a Champion, you gain 8% of its Nora cost. When that champion is destroyed, you gain 4% of its Nora cost.

Shattered Peaks Story

The Shattered Peaks were once known as the Eternal Spire Mountains, a mostly uninhabited mountain range near the eastern coast of the continent notable for its massive columnar mountains. However, during the Separation, the once pristine spires broke apart falling into the sea. The sinking of the spires combined with the seismic activity from the Separation itself, led to cataclysmic flooding of the peninsula that bore the entirety of the Cyclops Empire. This flooding forced the Cyclops along with the various races it had enslaved to flee into the valleys, canyons and coasts to the west. While the Salaman had escaped to the newly created Forglar Swamp, the rest took up home in the now Shattered Peaks. The Cyclops hid themselves within caves in the cliffs overlooking their sunken homeland; their number too small to keep power. The G'hern, following the lead from their previous captors, began to enslave the Moga, who were too weak to fight back. For a long time this remained the order of things, until the Voil emerged from their home deep within the Peaks. Not long after, the creatures of the Peaks began a full assault upon the Forglar Swamp.

The creatures of the Peaks are quite diverse, as they consist of various enslaved races from around the world. The once mighty Cyclops are a physically strong race, but lack much of the speed or intelligence necessary to regain their Empire. In the lower regions of the Peaks live the G'hern and the Moga. The G'hern possess great strength but are quite prone to mimic those above them. The Moga are a race of small, energetic creatures that tend to travel in packs. Though technically enslaved by the G'hern, they have adapted to find this arrangement almost beneficial to their existence. Lastly are the bat-like race of creatures known as the Voil, who are the oldest creatures of the Peaks having resided there long before the Separation. They are fast, strong, and intelligent, putting them in an excellent position of power among the Peaks. Though it is unknown why, it is clear that they have used this leverage to command the other creatures of the Peaks to attack the regions around them.


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