Faction Profile: Savage Tundra

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Savage Tundra Overview

The Savage Tundra is ruled by the majestic Jakei and the beastly Lonx. The Jakei, once elves, have adapted to their frozen realm over the centuries and can now control the frigid landscape that surrounds them.

The power of the Savage Tundra faction lies in their ability to immobilize the enemy with devastating area-of-effect spells and ranged frost attacks. If you enjoy playing a chilly game of freeze tag with your opponents, The Savage Tundra may be the faction for you.

15/15: Champions you control have +5 maximum HP.
Full Faction: Champions you control have +10 maximum HP.

Savage Tundra Story

The frozen expanses of the Savage Tundra were once the elven nation of J'thir. During the Separation, the northern half of the Great Forest was jutted high into the atmosphere freezing most all that could not adapt quickly enough to survive the vastly different climate. Isolated from the rest of the world, the survivors of the first harsh winter slowly gave up on ever returning to the world below, as they began to attempt to rebuild a life for themselves. Though separated from the rest of the world for millennia, in the last decade, a group of explorers from the Ironfist Expeditionary Forces discovered that all were not destroyed during the Separation. The survivors would not have long to reflect over their new role in the world though, as they were soon forced into battle against the invading Forsaken army.

The Tundra is perhaps the sparsest populated of all the regions in the land, consisting predominantly of the descendants from those who survived the Separation. The most plentiful of survivors is the monarchal civilization of the Jakei. Originally elves, they are far more durable than their ancestors. They are excellent hunters and gatherers, and have learned to manipulate the ice as if it were a metal. Joining the Jakei in the Tundra are the Lonx. They are a slightly more primitive species that tend to live in nomadic tribal packs in the wilderness. Many consider the Lonx to have been descended by from the Garu who had come to live in the Great Forest before the Separation. Despite their differences in culture, the Jakei and Lonx get along far better than the elves and Garu, and both work together defend the Tundra from the undead invaders.


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