Faction Profile: Forglar Swamp

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Forglar Swamp Overview

The power of the Forglar Swamp lies in the wisdom of the ancient Boghoppers and Firk that have spent centuries protecting and nurturing their fertile waters.

The main attributes of Forglar Swamp is their manipulation of water, the strength of their healers and their ability to extract additional Nora from the land. If you enjoy small, mobile units and elemental based spell-casting, Forglar may be the faction for you.

15/15: You recover 3 Nora at the start of each turn.
Full Faction: You recover 6 Nora at the start of each turn.

Forglar Swamp Story

The Forglar Swamp came into existence after the Separation when deep hidden springs within the Shattered Peaks were exposed to the surface flooding the plains to the south. Once thought to be devoid of sentient life, it was later discovered that the inhabitants of the Swamp preferred to keep themselves isolated from the world outside their home. However, the swamp has always allowed outsiders to live in it, so long as they did so with respect. This mostly meant adopting a philosophy of shared existence: one does not live in the swamp but rather with it. Their solitude was initially shaken when the Underdepths' invasion of K'thir spread over their shared border and into the Swamp. Their tradition of peaceful coexistence was destroyed however, when the Shattered Peaks began their direct attacks on the Swamp and everything within it.

Inhabitants of the Forglar Swamp are myriad. The Boghoppers appeared after the Separation as one of the many races people consider to be the "new protectors" of the Nora. They are very tranquil and sage-like in nature, developing a wealth of knowledge of both healing and water magic. The harshness of the swamp has also led the Boghoppers to become great hunters. Additionally, their deep connection with the Swamp has allowed them to acquire greater control of flow of Nora. In the coasts to the south of the swamp proper lie the great technological cities of the the Salaman. Originally enslaved by the now lost Cyclops Empire, the Salaman retreated to their current after the cataclysmic Separation. In addition, the region is protected by powerful Spirits and various aquatic wildlife. All currently fight to defend their beloved Swamp from aggressors that wish to do it harm, with the hope that one day they can return to their old ways.


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