Faction Profile: Sundered Lands

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Sundered Lands Overview

The Sundered Lands were the result of an enormous Nora Bomb that devastated the Old City of Valdec, and mutated the dwarves and humans that inhabited that ancient city. Now Draksar and Skeezick, these reptilian creatures seek revenge on the Protectorate factions.

The Sundered Lands units, with their dragon-scale plating and regeneration, are some of the toughest units in the game. If you enjoy playing dragons, reptiles and unstoppable tank units, The Sundered Lands may be the faction for you.

15/15: Champions you control take 1 less damage from champions.
Full Faction: Champions you control take 2 less damage from champions.

Sundered Lands Story

Located north of the now fallen kingdom of Elsarin, the Sundered Lands are the region that was once the nation of Valdec. Since the dawn of its existence Valdec was a very religiously driven nation, who placed great emphasis on the powers and blessings gained through worship of the ancient Dragon Gods. For ages Valdec had been locked in bloody conflict with its rival nation of Elsarin, always at a stalemate. Eventually with the aid of Nora scientists from around the continent, Valdac developed a great weapon that it would unleash upon the Elsarin capitol in an event that would come to be known as the Catastrophe. This event came to have many unintended consequences; most notably, the lands of Valdac were struck by a series of plagues, with disease and famine quickly afflicting the once glorious nation of Valdec. Soon after, those who survived the initial wave of death began to find that they were beginning to "change" from what they were before the Catastrophe. This mutation caused people's skin to scale, their strength to grow, and their bodies to gain the ability to regenerate switfly. This process killed those who were too physically weak to endure it. Those it did not kill though, it made significantly stronger. Those who had changed, while initially outcast for their differences, eventually came to believe that their new form was a gift from the Dragon Gods to help them take their place as rulers of the world.

The races of the Sundered Lands are mostly a product of the diseases and plagues that affected Valdec after the Catastrophe. The race of dragon-men, the Draksar were once human, but are now almost entirely reptilian in nature. They possess great strength, and are capable of breeding new combatants rapidly. As a consequence in the half-century that has followed the Catastrophe the Draksar have more than made up for the loss of life following the Catastrophe, allowing them to assemble the largest living army in the land.

Living among the Draksar is another Changed race known as the Skeezick, the twisted and gnarled descendants of those who were Dwarves in the times before the Catastrophe. Their inferior physical abilities to the extremely powerful Draksar have forced the Skeezick into more submissive roles, typically holding positions as slavers, trappers, and shock-troops. The Sundered Lands are also populated by various animals, many of which have also undergone a mutation following the Catastrophe. The armies of the region fight primarily against the Ironfist Stronghold, who they hold as traitors of the true nation of Valdec for fleeing from the Change. Recently in an effort to cut off the Stronghold's supply line to K'thir, the armies have also been assaulting the Centaur Plains.


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