Faction Profile: Ironfist Stronghold

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Ironfist Stronghold Overview

Ironfist Stronghold is primarily comprised of the enduring dwarves, as well as the last remaining settlement of human barbarians.

The Ironfist units are primarily defensive, and are very hard to bring down. Slow and steady, Ironfist champions have an innate resistance to spell damage and with their armor and healing, have some of the best survivability in the game. If you enjoy playing tough-as-nails melee champs, Ironfist may be the faction for you.

15/15: Champions you control take 3 less damage from spells.
Full Faction: Champions you control take 6 less damage from spells.

Ironfist Stronghold Story

The Ironfist Stronghold is located within the mountainous region that was once the birthplace of the Dwarves. The stronghold is led by Rugolth, a dwarven ex-general of the Valdeci army. Promptly following the Catastrophe, Rugolth had been ordered to scout the ruins of the Kingdom of Elsarin, and rout the remnants of the Elsarin army. It was during this tour of duty, that Rugolth came to see the extent of the devastation caused by Valdec's super-weapon. Upon fighting a great battle against an endless undead army, Rugolth ordered his soldiers to give up their assigned task and flee north with him. As he travelled back through Valdec, he discovered that the Catastrophe was having consequences within Valdec itself, and ultimately resolved to return to his ancestral homeland. During his journey north, Rugolth would gather a great following of people who would make their exodus from Valdec, to build what would become the great Stronghold of Ironfirst.

Since the Catastrophe, the Stronghold has become the most diverse region in the land due to the incredible influx of refugees arriving to escape the horrors outside. Most prevalent are the Dwarves; they are a strong people that are known greatly for their architectural ingenuity and their ability to create powerful elemental constructs. Humans also live within the Stronghold. Though most are refugees from the wars in the land there is a group of humans, the Barbarians, who are native to the mountains. The Barbarians are distinct from their Valdeci cousins due to their tribal society, and a strong distaste for meddling in the affairs of others. They were initially wary of the sudden arrival of Rugolth and his refugees, but have come to accept that they must work together to defend against the rallying armies of Draksar and Undead. Presently, the citizens of the Stronghold work tirelessly improving their defenses in preparation for the inevitable siege of their new home.


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