Faction Profile: K'thir Forest

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K'thir Forest Overview

K'Thir Forest is inhabited by the ancient Elves and the indomitable Garu, powerful bear warriors sworn to protect their homeland. These champions, along with the Centaurs and other woodland creatures make up the forces of K'Thir.

The main attributes of the K'Thir Forest is the speed of their warriors, the vast amounts of ranged champions and the nature spells they utilize against their enemies. If you enjoy fast-moving range-based combat, K'Thir may be the faction for you.

15/15: Champions you control have +1 maximum AP.
Full Faction: Champions you control have +1 SPD.

K'thir Forest Story

The K'thir Forest is all that remains of the Great Forest that was split during the Seperation. It is located in the eastern expanses of the continent, north of Forglar Swamp. The forest has traditionally been governed by the elves, under a ruling body they established known as the Eternal Circle. This organization was established to determine the allotment and degree of control the citizens of the forest had over the Nora. In the last century however, many began question the necessity of the Eternal Circle. The most notable faction of these dissenters were the Nefari, who in an effort to avoid a civil war between elves, moved into a series of tunnels deep beneath the forest. All was well until the Catastrophe when the tunnels leading to the Nefari city were inexplicably sealed. Recently the tunnels have reopened when the Underdepths began their assault on the forest.

Within K'thir the elves are by far the most populous of the races. They hold themselves to be the first of the Nora-born, and take their self-proclaimed roles of protectors of the Nora very seriously. Apart from their arrogance, the elves are also known for their knack for literature, their swiftness in battle, and their great magical aptitude. Far younger than the elves, having only come to existence immediately following the Separation are the race of bear-men, the Garu. It is often whispered that the Garu were created to be the true protectors of the forest once the elves revealed they cared more for their politics than the forest's well being. On the western outskirts of the Forest, in the rolling plains before the Ironfist Mountains, live the noble Centaur. Originally nomadic traders, they have been forced to take up arms against the invading Draksar who threaten the safety of K'thir.


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