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The Players of Pox [P0P]
Rank: Unranked
Affiliation: Wrath
Motto: No retreat, no surrender. That is draksar law

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if they kill one of us, it's only fair that we kill eight of them
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Drums of War
Sundered Lands
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New Guild Tourney

Posted by croc423 @ Sep 5, 2010 5:40:24 PM   (PUBLIC)

this tourney requires u to have 1 uncommon champ before dire covenant, u are not allowed to have any spells in ur bg, the rest of ur bg may only contain relics/equips, these relics/equips may not spawn or summon units, any relics/equips that give u immunity or impervious to something will get u disqualified, also u are not allowed to put equips on ur opponent, u may not transfigure ur avatar/shrine, If u attack the opponents avatar u get disqualified, this tourney will start at 5:00 P.M either monday or tuesday. Entry fee is one rare of ur choice, The winner will get all the rares. All games will be played on the Forsaken Waste map.
Message me if u want to join the tourney.

Players in Tourney


Hey guys

Posted by 1HAWKEYE1 @ May 1, 2010 8:30:51 AM   (PUBLIC)

Hey guys its me hawk your old leader i just wanted to tell you that i am returning to pox maybe not as much as i used to be but i am returning

Guild Tourney

Posted by croc423 @ Jul 13, 2010 6:20:08 AM   (PUBLIC)

1st Prize: Lich King
2nd Prize: Draksar Lord
3rd Prize: Dragon Skull
I had to change some of the prizes because i seem to have traded some of them away >.<

-All matches will take place on the new map that will be released next expansion (Maljaran Frontier).
-Only 2 exos are allowed in a BG for his tourney, LEs and legendaries count as exos. Banners do NOT count as exos

Time: Matches will be fought next weekend.
Send me a message via poxmail if you wish to enter.
Yours faithfully,

Current Entrees:

Round 1
Csin-Noraking12 Winner: csin
Hawkeye-Croc423 Winner: Croc423
Razet-Windbin Winner: Windbin (windbin will be using an alternate account named stars6life to play the rest of his matches)

Round 2

Windbin-Croc423 Winner: WINDBIN would have won if he was real
Csin you are in the final round.

Round 3


croc423 forfeits, taking 2nd place. Congratulations Csin.


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