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The Dream Team [WINS]
No Website
Rank: Unranked
Affiliation: Wrath
Motto: Death Before Dishonor

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An alliance between the best players of every faction who are dedicated to perfection #VETERANS
Message of the Day
The 1%

We are the Ivy League of Poxnora

Silence the Haters

*Established 1/26/17*

Drums of War
Savage Tundra
10576   9597   8957   11971
8593   13059   13338   8433

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Guild News

Welcome Ballballer

Posted by xaznsoulx @ 2018-03-24 19:53:28.0   (PUBLIC)

Current stats:

Level: 99
Wins: 6353 Losses: 1759
Achievement Points: 12430
Guild: The Dream Team WINS
Battlemaster - Solo League 3240
Current Rank: 8
Standard V - Team League 1014 Unranked

Solo Ranked Wins: 4999
Team Ranked Wins: 151
Highest Rank: 1


TinyDragon WINS the Poxnora Grand Tournament

Posted by xaznsoulx @ 2017-12-26 22:06:48.0   (PUBLIC)

Date Achieved: 12/23/17
The Dream Team awards him with the following:

(LIM) Purple Dragon
(LIM) Blueflame Arsonist
(LIM) M'tan, Garu Shaman
(LIM) Cora, Sun Blossom
(LEG) Obsidian Venger
(LEG) Genesis Lich
(LEG) Genesis Lich

Platinum Token x5

TinyDragon reaches rank 1 (again)

Posted by xaznsoulx @ 2017-12-26 22:07:39.0   (PUBLIC)

Date achieved: 2017-5-17 16:47:35

The Dream Team awards him with the following:

(EXO)Throatrend Lonx x2
(LIM)Blackstone Gargolye
(LIM)Blueflame Arsonist
(LEG)Guardian of Eretat
(LEG) Peaks Doombringer
(LEG) Valdaci Shieldwarden
(LEG) Thorn Collection
Gold Token x5


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