Forglar Swamp
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Shattered Peaks
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Ironfist Stronghold
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The Underdepths
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K'thir Forest

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Sundered Lands
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Savage Tundra

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Forsaken Waste

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FAQs: Drums of War

What is the Drums of War?
The Drums of War is a game-wide competition that pits the game's Protectorate Factions (the ones on the left) against the Wrath Factions (the ones on the right). As players play games, the bars for each faction fill up. The first side to fill up to 10 bars wins that cycle!

Since there are 10 bars to fill, and there are only 4 factions per side, for any side to win, some factions will need to fill the bar more than once. Each time a faction fills their bar, it is denoted by a sword icon beneath their bar and the overall Drums of War count is updated accordingly.

What's in it for me?
The side that wins, as well as the top ranked players and contributors for each faction (including the losing side), also earn prizes when each cycle completes.

How do I contribute?
You can contribute just by playing games as your favorite faction! Every game you play will contribute to the scores for your faction and further the cause of your chosen side. If you win, you contribute even more!

When does it start?
The Drums of War is always running. The only exception is when a cycle ends and we stop the competition for a brief time to reset the system and award the winners.


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