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PvP, Meta, and Winning

Player Versus Player

PvP is a big part of Pox Nora. Players from around the world battle each other for higher ranks and bragging rights. When you participate in ranked games it will influence the Drums of War. You can see which faction you’re supporting on your My Profile page. You can also see this information on the launch pad of the game. If you play and win with Forglar Swamp decks you will be getting points in that faction.


Rank is a title reward for playing in ranked PvP games. Everyone starts out as Unranked. As you play and win more games your rank increases. There are two leagues, Solo League (1v1) and Team League (2v2). Only one person can be the Pox Battlemaster.

You can see all the current rankings on the Solo Rankings and Team Rankings pages. Guilds are also ranked. After being invited to a guild you can join them by doing something. You can see a list of guilds and their rankings on the Guild Rankings page.

Drums of War

Drums of War is the battle between the Protectorate and Wrath factions. The War starts when a new expansion is released and concludes when the next is released. At the end of the war, the players of the winning faction get a reward! You can see who is winning the war on the Drums of War page.

At the bottom of the Drums of War section, you will find the Faction Heroes. This is a list of the players that have contributed the most to their respective faction. Keep up the fight, and you just might see your name here!

To see the Top 25 players of a given faction, you can visit the Faction Overview section of the website. Select which Faction you wish to view and the top players will be on the left side.

What is Meta?

You may hear a term now and then called “meta”. Meta is a term used in many games to describe the popular choice of something that is used to win. In Pox Nora it is which popular runes are being used by top ranked players to win their matches. The meta changes as new content is released and balanced. To be competitive in PvP the current meta may need to be considered when building a deck.


The Pox Nora Forums are a great way to get the latest information on the game. Here you will find patch notes, future content announcements, and information from other Pox Nora players.

You will have to register a forum account to post here. A good area to check out if you are new to the game is the Training Grounds and Game Guides section. Here players share helpful information like deck building and tips on playing the game.

Good luck!


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