Words of Malalain

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Many consider the Firk too logical, too practical, to deal in the philosophical. Every now and then, we are proven wrong about our impressions. There is a Firk, who meditates on all things, using her immense psychic powers to consider many different subjects at once. Her name is Malalain, an almsgiver, an aid to the less fortunate souls in Forglar. The wars have destroyed many homes and have taken up the resources of many different nations. It is Malalain who builds shelter and provides food for the weary souls. She shares her meditations with whoever will listen. In a time of darkness and hardship, it is hard to sit and think on things. These thoughts are important. I share her thoughts with you; I believe they are pertinent to this time. As Serkan�s forces rise, and as the tide of the Utterdark rises over the world, the smallest speck of light is necessary.

With no further hesitation, I give you the words of Malalain.

The spirit of Forglar brings balance. Through this gift, we achieve serenity.

It is a balance achieved through understanding.

You must achieve this balance through understanding one truth;

That for every light, there is a darkness.

This is true of all things.

The High One, Gekaal, understands the spirit, weaves his soul through its Nora.

He understands what is needed to balance the world.

He has taught his subjects the importance of balancing light with darkness.

They understand his teachings.

Kartch and his warriors were taught by the High One.

When they fight, they keep his words to heart.

When tragedy strikes them, they mourn, but they do not dwell upon it.

Because they know that this sad moment will be followed by triumph.

There is no questioning it, because they have never had to.

For every tragedy, a triumph.

And when they have seen this triumph, they do not celebrate.

They are wary, because tragedy will strike.

For every triumph, a tragedy.

There is balance in Forglar.

But, this balance does not exist everywhere in the world.

The Jakei mourn their losses and dwell upon the passing of life.

They do not understand that there is still life, and it grows and flourishes.

The dwarves celebrate endlessly, with mead and song.

Yet, they do not see cataclysm, sitting at the door and biding its time.

Both are equally reckless.

If they wish to achieve the balance, they must learn to understand it.

Our enemies do not observe the balance.

The callous Draksar do not mourn their dead, and they do not celebrate victory.

They march, endlessly, into oblivion.

And the elves of Sheoul use their losses as fuel,

For a fire that will never stop burning, that will never stop consuming.

A darkness looms over us all, Serkan and his Utterdark,

The endless void in the Tome.

It threatens us, pushing us to the brink of total destruction.

These false prophets tell us of the destruction that awaits us.

And we believe this?

Have we forgotten the Harbingers of the past, who spoke of redemption?

There will be a great collision, friends.

Light and darkness must always collide.

And if we are balanced,

If we understand that for every light, there is a darkness,

And for every darkness, a light,

We will prevail.

My advice to you is to stay safe in the world.

Even though the darkness is here, know there is a light.

It is an endless expanse of peace and comfort.

And although we have not found it yet,

We will, when the time is right.


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