Plague of Ba’lah
  Author: Comissar

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“Well? What’s the verdict?”

Gharzard looked across the table at the alchemist expectantly. He disliked the idea of a mere Skeezick having the privilege of being in Akakios’ war room, but he had to admit that there were few more qualified to unravel the mysteries of the recent plague. The similarities it bore to the taint which brought the Draksar into being had not gone unnoticed, General Skak himself had set a reward for any who could replicate the effects of the plague under more controlled conditions. It was for that reason that he had returned to Valdac, bearing a hard won sample of the plague. He had not expected to be invited to a private audience with the General and his assistant. Privately, Gharzard wondered if the plague may even prove to be the key to the fabled Perfection Serum.

“It will take time to fully understand what causes the reaction,” the Alchemist’s voice was little more than a gurgle, bubbling up from its chemically ruined throat, “But the initial results suggest that it has a stabilising influence on the Dragonkin. That’s not all, those that have been exposed have displayed remarkable new skills in combat.”

General Skak leaned forward onto the table, “If we can find a method of controlling this, it will be a great leap forward for our forces. To combine the strengths of both the taint and this plague would be a great boon.”

He stood up straight again, giving the Alchemist a curt nod, “Send word to me when you have made more progress with this, for now you are dismissed.”

The Skeezick raised a ravaged arm in what could be interpreted as a salute before shuffling out of the room, the two Draksar watched it leave in silence. A few moments passed before General Skak turned to Gharzard, “You’re actions reflect well on you, and should this project bear fruit you will not go unrewarded. Akakios himself will be informed of your contribution. Tell me, do you know what the soft skins of Ironfist think of the ‘plague’”

Gharzard took a few moments to answer, uncertain of if this was a trick question, “I believe they consider it a blight, my lord, fit only to be eradicated wherever it is found.”

“That’s correct. They said much the same when the first Draksar came to be,” the General’s voice began to take on a more venomous tone, “We were treated as though we were diseased, hounded from our homes. But in truth we became strong, the change made us great. It is my belief that the plague we see today is much the same. It is a belief that Akakios shares. For now, I would like you to monitor the plague. We cannot make proper use of it until we understand it after all. Return to your duties, report back to us if you uncover anything further.”

Gharzard saluted smartly before leaving the General. With luck, this plague would solve many problems.


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