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Pox Nora's 17th anniversary
Posted by Slugbait @ Aug 1, 2023 6:43:12 AM

Happy poxiversary!

Pox Nora launched on August 1st, 2006. It's hard to believe it's been 17 years but the drums of war keep on pounding away. Here's to many more years of battles in Pox Nora!

New Faction Decks!

New themed faction starter decks are available in the marketplace. Additionally, the older themed decks have been reduced in price.

Salaman Ingenuity (FS):
Ambassador Berkchani, Fire Salaman, Salaman Apraiser x2, Salaman Commando, Salaman Dervish, Salaman Elite x2, Salaman Hunter x2, Salaman Negamage, Salaman Privateer, Salaman Soldier, Salaman Trapper, Slick and Buzz, Contaminated Wreckage, Flash Bang, Font of Restoration, Nora Pearls, Poison Trap, Rejuvenating Fountain, Sacred Temple, Spirit Altar, Tortun Land Cannon, Boglight Crystal, Deadeye Symbiote, Gold Sand x2, Horn of Order, Twisted Emerald

Boneyard Bash (FW):
Blackblade Baron x2, Bone Circle Archmage, Bone Elemental x2, Boneshredder, Broken Bones, Crossbone x2, Skeletal Excavator, Skeletal Raider, Skeletal Reaper x2, Toll Taker, Tomb Lord x2, Xulos, Black Ops, Despoil, Essence Drain, Mobilization, Soulbane, Soulreave, Elsari Vex, Graveyard, Tome of Hate, Unholy Tomb, Bone Circle Staff, Cloak of Skulls, Soul Reaver

Northern Cross Crusade (IS):
Angel of Protection, Archangel of Al'Mara x2, Crusader, x2, Euan Ironfist, Inquisitor Magnus, Ironfist Inquisitor, Northern Cross Fanatic x2, Northern Cross Priestess x2, Pontiff of Al'mara, Priest of Valdac, Talgar Ironfist, Veilwalker, Blessing of Al'Mara, Divinity's Touch, Earthquake, Gravity Flux, Hammer Strike, Instill Panic, Macadamize, Mark of Redemption, Unobstructed View, Hahndor Memorial, Ironfist Standard, Secluded Shrine, Holy Blade of Valdac, Soul Reaver

Bear With Me (KF):
Dugon, Garu Stalwart, Garu Chosen x2, Garu Den Mother, Garu Hunter x2, Garu Hurler x2, Garu Kodiak x2, Garu Medium x2, Garu Shaman, Garu Whisperer x2, Mountain Garu, Warcaller Fiorn, Ancestral Anger, Escpae Magic, Inhibit Power, Mend, Naturalize, Swiftwind, Thorn Collection, Cleansing Emerald, Pride of K'thir, Unassuming Tree, Burning Oak Seed, Honor Coin, Rejuvenation Ring

Cold as Ice (ST):
Crystal Phoenix, Elven Ancestor x2, Frostfall Icewisp, Frostfall Vanguard x2, Jakei Extinguisher x2, Jakei Frostseer x2, Jakei Shardmaster x2, Jakei Starseer, K'ento, First Disciple, Lonx Adept x2, Shardseer K'aeyun, Arctic Wail, Blinding Reflection, Breath of L'usara, Deep Freeze x2, Frigid Barrier, Gale Force, Rebound, Cleansing Emerald, Ice Statue, Provincial Marker, Cloak of Ice, Crystal Spike

Voil Empire (SP):
Lance Admiral Sceian, Voil Conqueror, Voil Courier x2, Voil Infernal x2, Voil Jester, Voil Queen x2, Voil Skyhowler, Voil Sourcerer x2, Voil Stalker x2, Voil Stormspear, Voil Windstriker, Alacrity, Avalanche, Defend the Roost, Distract, For the Empire, Peak Tactics, Vertical Push, Wings of Steel, Zealotry, Echo Chamber, Tribal Post, Voil King's Crypt, Sacred Peaks Amulet, Vicious Harpoon

Draksar Field Reinforcements (SL):
Blackscale Centurion, Draksar Archer x2, Draksar Berserker, Draksar Bookburner, Draksar Broodqueen, Draksar Charger, Draksar Flashblade, Draksar High Marshal, Draksar High Priest, Draksar Lord, Draksar Morph, Draksar Psion, Draksar Ravenspeaker, Draksar Spellsword, Temple Guard, Blister, Channeled Violence, Draconic Benediction, Enslave, Magnetize, Planar Dissonance, Purge, Quickening, Reforge, Tornado, Hive, Phalanx Marker, Sundered Warbanner, Dragon God's Staff

Blood for Blood (UD):
Blood abhorrent, Bloodbow Infantry x2, Bloodgoyle, Bloodletter x2, Bok Mistress x2, Demonologist, Grimlic, Hekatian Arbiter, Hekatian Bloodguard, Hekatian Voidraker, Korona, Bok Huntress, Nefari Griefbearer, Nefari Messenger, Sheoul Magus, Animosity, Fading Recollection, Fire Blast, Maddening Echoes x2, Mandate from Sheoul, Mindslicer Boomerang, Price of Victory, Purefire, Retribution, Head of Osarius, Mark of Sheoul, Shredding Bracelet

A tribute for a fallen friend

We are introducing a LE version of Epochal Sage in memory of our departed community member Badbraz. This will be given away at various times and will also be available in the store shortly. Please note that due to restrictions from the PS4 version not being updated, the art on the website (as well as the PS4 client) will show the original Epochal Sage.


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