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Pox Nora is a collectible, turn-based, tactical, online fantasy game. Players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon relics and equipment of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents. Play Now!

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Pox Nora & Space Wars at PAX East

by Senshu @ Tue Mar 07 02:33:22 UTC 2017

We are happy to announce that Pox Nora and Space Wars will be at PAX East! We will have a booth setup at the expo in Boston, Massachusetts from March 10th through the 12th.

Pox Nora will be available to play at the Sony booth. This demo will show off even more of the game than what was at the PlayStation Experience Event in December, including all 8 factions, improved performance, and interface enhancements.

For more for more information please check out the Read More

Companionship Gala & February 9th Patch

by Senshu @ Thu Feb 09 18:55:55 UTC 2017

Today we have an new patch that includes some balance changes. See all the changes made on the Official Patch Notes.

Also, from February 8th to February 22nd the True Love campaign will be available for free in the Pox Nora Story Campaigns.

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Pox Nora Holiday 2016 Update!

by Senshu @ Thu Dec 15 19:35:06 UTC 2016

We want 2016 to end with a Bang, with a Massive Update and Awesome Deals! The free Winter Holiday campaign featuring the lovable Krampus is once again available. Along with the Holiday Reskin, Holiday Bundle, and Holiday Extended Set Special packs until January 5th.

For more see the Official Patch Notes.


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