Pox Nora Avatars

Avatars are powerful entities that emerge from your shrine and fight as a champion.

At the beginning of the game, if you own an Avatar, your shrine will be replaced with a statue version of that faction's Avatar (an Avatar will not fight for a battlegroup to which it does not belong). After a number of turns, you will be able to transform that statue into its Avatar form. While in Avatar form, your Avatar is vulnerable to effects that can normally harm champions - even if those abilities do not normally hurt Shrines. If your Avatar is defeated in battle, you lose the game.

Your Avatar gains experience by participating in battles; if you win, your Avatar will gain an experience bonus. Once an Avatar gains enough experience, it gains a level. With each level increase, your Avatar's stats and abilities will increase in power! You choose abilities for your Avatars just like champions, with each having 4 different abilities and you choose one starting at Level 1, two choices at Level 20, and three choices at Level 40.

Every 10 levels, your Avatar's cosmetic appearance will also change, gaining new armor and weapons (this does not affect gameplay).


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