Avatar Profile: Forglar Swamp

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Forglar Swamp Avatar: Lemsu of Darkmarsh

Your Avatar can gain experience by participating in battles; if you win, your Avatar will gain an experience bonus. Once he gains enough experience, your Avatar will gain a level. With each increase in level, your Avatar's stats and abilities will increase in power!

Every 10 levels, your Avatar's appearance will change. The Avatar will get new weapons and armor at levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.


"When Forglar was in its infancy, it was Lemsu who protected the first Boghopper tads from harm. And when his home grew dim, he stood stalwart in the dark." - Tome of the Ancients

Starting Abilities
This champion ignores restrictions and penalties imposed by Water.Amphibious
This champion is relocated to target space within 4 spaces. If this champion is engaged, this ability costs 1 additional AP.Leap (3)
This unit makes a Physical attack at its range. This is a basic attack.Attack: Physical
When this champion is deployed, it gains 5 AP.Fleet
At the beginning of your turn, you gain 3 nora.Marsh Singer (3)
This champion makes a Poison attack at Range 1-4. If successful, the target becomes Poisoned for 2 turns.Spit Poison (3)
This champion has Trail: Water. At the end of each turn, all spaces within 2 spaces of this champion becomes Shallow Water for 4 turns.Water Walker (3)
This champion is immune to Stun, Slow, Ensnare, Root, Charm, Possesion, Fear, Blinding and Knockback. This champion can not be targeted by spells or abilities which are not basic attacks. It cannot be relocated by other runes and cannot be removed from play. This champion may not be equipped. This champion can only be healed through regeneration, and is immune to Loss of Life effects that would cause it to lose 30 or more HP (Loss of Life effects do not include damage). This unit does not receive a faction bonus.Avatar
Upgrade Abilities


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